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With Identify Theft on the Rise, Healthcare Reputations are at Stake

Shredding confidential documents is an important part of any solid business, especially in the healthcare industry. Identify theft is on the rise, and there are on average of 15 million victims each year that fall prey to this crime. With the medical industry, identity theft can be even more damaging because of the combination of business information and enormous potential for patient data—data at anyone’s fingertips, if not take care of accurately.

Furthermore, laws and legislation around privacy and security are becoming more strictly enforced each year. The issue crosses all industries, but healthcare and medical reputations can be destroyed overnight if data is breached.

Sensitive patient information can’t just be disposed of in-house; you need a professional company handling private papers of this nature, because there are criminals who will go of their way to figure out how to piece together the information needed to steal from individuals and businesses.

Optimal Shredding Services to Prevent Identity Theft

With these things in mind, Healthcare Medical Waste Services offers a secure, convenient way to dispose of delicate business and patient data. We have a team of customer service reps on-call every day of the week to help you figure out the best way to dispose of your documents. We can help you figure out the best equipment to use, help train and orient your staff to how best to utilize our services, and coach you on exactly what you’ll need to shred in order protect the specific size and structure of your facility, along with the number and patients visiting and employees that work there.

Convenient One-Time Purges of Sensitive Information

We offer one-time purges that can help you clean out those stacks of papers, whether it’s a few stacks or a whole roomful. Our trucks can help pick up any sort of amount that’s needed to clear and clean up your data, and our drivers are all tested with background checks and drug tests to ensure the integrity of those handling your documents. Regularly Scheduled Visits

We also offer flexible times to pick up your documents on a regularly scheduled basis that can be daily, weekly, or monthly—but we never charge if you don’t use our services every month like some companies do. We only charge when you need us, and we can always change the pick-up time if needed.

Low Prices Our prices are always 20%-30% lower than the average competition, and we have no hidden fees; our prices are always given upfront and are exactly what you’re expecting.

Whatever your needs, Healthcare Medical Waster Services has a sensitive document shredding plan that will be right for you and your company.

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Improper handling of medical waste can result in fines of up to $15,000.

FREE 10 Point Compliance Review

Improper handling of medical waste can result in fines of up to $15,000. If you’re unsure as to whether or not your facility is fully compliant, our Free 10 Point Compliance Review can help.

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